The Perfect Balance 
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The Perfect Balance

Everyone is entitled to live as a whole being. We are all working on it constantly.  How do we get there and once we think we are there how do we maintain it!

When you receive energy work it is possible to release and realign yourself to health and well-being. Through energy sessions changes are brought about in gradual and simple ways. When a person truly relaxes and lets go of things that are disturbing their peace new insight is given to that individual as to what to do next….a piece of puzzle falls into place. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that we all carry with us everyday of our lives begin to interact in a more positive way….thereby creating a whole being.

We often deny what is really going on in our lives….I call it denying our authentic self. We can do all the denying we want but our energetic bodies tell the truth. In time if we don’t make the necessary changes we feel even more stressed or mentally fatigued or we just lose our zest for life. If this continues our physical health is affected. When I ask people to discuss the stress levels in their lives they often deny it or think they have a handle on it. Every one of us needs to find an outlet for releasing stressful events. That is where energy work comes in. It is a gift from the heavens! 

Wholesome energy is about helping an individual to release and let go…no judgments, no errors, and no guilt. If changes should be made a person will come to that conclusion and proceed at their own pace.

Wholesome energy cannot interfere with other modalities that a person is receiving. In fact it is complementary! 

I have been an energy worker for over 10 years. I have seen all kinds of people….young and old, healthy, stressed, frightened, angry and critically ill.  Energy work can serve all. We are all striving to reach and maintain good health. We all want to lead a productive and vibrant life. 

Wholesome energy is about bringing you back into wholeness. It can help motivate you, discipline you and enlighten you to be the whole being that your spirit wants you to be!

~ Patricia Cucolo

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